BigBang's Holiday Gift To Their Fans: An Online Fanmeet

Leading up to BIGBANG final album release before T.O.P’s entry into the army, the boys got together in a rare meeting with fans through Naver V Live. The members reintroduced themselves, discussed behind-the-scenes info about the album MADE, and of course, poked fun at each other. 


BIGBANG began a countdown to their album release of MADE on December 12th at 11 PM. During the countdown, the boys were accessible to fans through the Naver V App for a segment entitled “MADE THE FULL ALBUM.” As this was the first formal album BIGBANG has released in nearly 8 years, the boys were clearly more than a little excited. 



Following their fan greeting and a brief introduction to the album, Seungri credits T.O.P for the creation of the album: “There is an art-holic, eccentric artist. This album is being released because of all the help T.O.P gave.”


The members also revealed the process behind how Made came to be. Taeyang reveals, “Honestly, we began writing songs for the album 2 years ago. We decided to release an album and began to write, but we ended up releasing singles instead and now Made is finally complete. It’ll be out in just a little bit. There were a lot of times when I wanted to give up.”


After introducing the new songs 에라 모르겠다, LAST DANCE, and GIRLFRIEND, the members proceeded to get into the details. Concerning FXXK IT, the boys claim “In terms of genre, this song is considered future bounce. Actually, the genre is not that important. The MADE album just had to be ‘made.’ We were wondering what to do, so we met up. During that time, someone said ‘F*** it, let’s just do it.’ That’s how the song was born.”


Last Dance is supposedly a compilation of different stories that each of the members of BIGBANG have experienced. According to the members, “Seungri had so many good memories.” In response, Seungri says affectionately, “It was so good. When I listen to it, I remember BIGBANG’s 10 years. It’s a song that really expresses who we are.”


The song features T.O.P’s vocals, and represents the 10 years of BIGBANG. The members explain, “In the past, we tried really hard to express ourselves. This time, it was like there were emotions growing inside the emotions were expressing.”


Daesung adds, “It really is a song that speaks for all of our minds. I think you’ll be able to feel that it’s a song we made together.”


The last featured song, Girlfriend, was “a song that has been in the works since the members were working on the MADE singles. However, it was not selected as a single at that time. We listened to this song for nearly two years until it came out, and we liked it more every time. It’s a song that you don’t get sick of and can continue to play. It has BIGBANG’s trademark hip-hop sound, while also having a melancholy feeling.” It was also revealed that T.O.P made edits to his rap 20 times, really pouring his heart and soul into it 



After introducing the new songs, the boys moved to complete a questionnaire for their fans. In a pre-conducted vote, fans were able to pick the questions answered by the boys. While satisfying the curiosity of the fans, the members also shared various stories. As it was also Seungri’s birthday, the members were able to wish him a happy birthday with their fans. 


To make the night even more exciting for fans, the members premiered the music video for FXXK IT. The boys were able to get the hype going for their album and set expectations high with their new music video. For the next music video, Seungri prefaces the Last Dance by saying, “The concept for this music video was that we would all appear together from beginning to end.”


Taeyang adds, “We’re so fortunate because we’re in a situation where we are able to release a song like this. It’s great because it has meaning.”


Congrats to the boys for their long awaited full length album! 

Watch the segment on V App now: