BTS And BLACKPINK Set New Milestones in KPop!

Naver StarNews

Korea’s essential boyband BTS and rookie girl group BLACKPINK are topping charts - even outside of their usual territories. The two groups have found themselves comfortably situated in the top 10 on the Billboard World Albums chart. 

According to chart data from the 23rd, BTS’s second album WINGS has claimed 5th place on the World Albums chart. The album, which was released on October 10th, is enjoying its 6th continuous week within the top ten. At its peak, the album reached 1st place.

BLACKPINK’s recent release, SQUARE TWO, is currently 7th on the same chart. SQUARE TWO was released on December 1st, and is now in its 3rd week of being in the top ten. SQUARE TWO, at its highest, achieved 2nd place on the charts.

The Billboard World Albums chart ranks the world’s albums against each other according to album sales. 

BTS and BLACKPINK were also recently awarded the 2016 Asia Artist Awards for Best Artist and Best New Artist, respectively. 

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