Following Up on SNL Korea’s Controversial 'Hazing' Acts

More stories unfold in the wake of the shocking video that revealed an SNL Korea’s castmember sexually harassing B1A4 .

On November 27th, SNL Korea made an official apology on their Facebook regarding the suspected sexual harassment of B1A4 by cast member Lee Seyoung. But the issue has revealed more cases of similar natures, with video evidence coming to light. 

Infinite was also revealed to have suffered similar treatment at the hands of the cast, while insiders claim that every male guest host has undergone the “hazing.” Purportedly, previous victims were afraid to report the incidents due to the influence of the SNL Korea cast and losing their positions as host.

Eagle-eyed fans have tracked down a similar behind the scenes video in which Block B faces the same harassment. At the end of the hazing, Lee Seyoung may be seen unabashedly reaching for several of the members.

While the responses from the boybands’ management agencies have been sparse, with representatives responding only that they would investigate the matter, Jinyoung of B1A4 recently addressed the issue following a comeback performance.

“Actually it all happened so suddenly, I couldn’t really grasp the situation. So that’s why I watched the video again, and thought fans would be really worried. I hope to work as hard as our fans have worried to make a good album.”

The comedian/cast member, herself, has finally spoken up regarding the incident, posting an apology on her Instagram.

“Hello. This is Lee Seyoung.

"I am sorry for disturbing so many people due to my wrong actions on SNL Korea. I apologized to each member on the spot, and I hope that through this letter I may be able to apologize once again to all the fans and members. I will reflect on my actions in order to prevent this from happening again, and I will continue to reflect again. I am sincerely sorry.”

Although the comedian has apologized, many fans are still angered by the fact that neither SNL Korea or Lee Seyoung has apologized to all of the victimized boybands. Fans are pointing out that were the genders reversed, Lee Seyoung’s actions would likely have led to a criminal offense as well as a formal apology through a press conference. 

Following the apology and mounting demands from fans that Lee Seyoung be removed from the show, the producers of SNL Korea officially announced her departure on December 1st.

“After a lot of consideration with Lee Seyoung, we have decided to respect her decision to take a leave of absence in order to reflect on her actions. As a result, Lee Seyoung will now be taking a break from SNL Korea.”

Even after Lee Seyoung’s departure from the show, fans’ response to SNL Korea has been highly negative. After Mamamoowas announced to be the next host for the show, Shin Dongyup and the SNL Korea cast made a formal apology out of concern for the girl group.

“We were concerned that we might negatively affect Mamamoo, so we are speaking to you now. On behalf of the cast, I would like to apologize for the discomfort and disappointment we have caused for so many people. It was a wrong action and a wrong intention. We would like to say that it wasn’t just one person’s wrongdoing, but all of our wrongdoings. I would like to sincerely apologize. I am very sorry. Even though your hearts must feel heavy, and despite our shame, we will see you next week.”

After Shin Dongyup’s apology, he and the entire crew bowed deeply.

But the apology was short-lived, as SNL Korea crossed a line during one of their skits on December 3rd. 

Castmember Jeong Eerang dressed as actress Um Aengran, who bravely went public about her breast cancer survival and mastectomy during a tearful confession of struggle and emotional turmoil. Castmember Jeong Eerang sang a song during the skit and ad-libbed “I don’t have a breast to hold.” 

Viewers were shocked by the comedian’s cruel insensitivity to Um Aengran, with many now believing that the show should be cancelled entirely for its vulgarity. 

As of December 10th, it was announced that the 8th season of SNL Korea will end early with hopes of returning with a new image.