Grace Comesback with a New Look for 'Trick or Treat'

kpop wiki

A new female rapper has entered the industry in 2016. Grace made her debut on February 5th with her single I’m Fine. Originally appearing on Unpretty Rapstar 3, she made it to the 8th episode. Grace was known for her being troublesome throughout the show. Just like Jessi in the prior Unpretty Rapstar, she isn’t as familiar with the Korean culture as her counterparts and brought her American swag to the show.

Grace has been singing and dancing for years; uploading videos on her personal youtube. She is currently signed to the company, YYAC. With an edgy persona and a Lady Gaga inspired look, Grace is making her way through the KHip-hop world. I'm Fine is a colorful music video, the type to get your attention and make her presence known. Her rap sound is very unique, and while her vocals may not be strong like a vocalist's are, they do have a distinct sound to them as well.

I first discovered her through a channel on Pandora. When Grace’s Trick Or Treat popped on, the crazy sound and repetitive, "trick or treat" caught my attention. She is definitely someone to watch out for. Being only 24, she is part of the '92-line group who have been dominating the charts. Be careful you may fall for her funky charms. 

Trick Or Treat is her second single that was released on November 6th. The song has an edgier feel to it than that of her first song. The video shows viewers a different side of Grace as she wanders through the busy streets, with her dark blue/silver hair and black clothes, still upholding a strong female rapper status. 

Shortly after its release, she posted a dance version to her official YouTube channel. 

I look forward to what comes next from her. We need more strong and funky rappers.