BLACKPINK is back with another album consisting of 3 songs: 불장난 (Playing with Fire), STAY, and an acoustic version of 휘파람 (Whistle).

불장난 (Playing with Fire) is a song about a girl falling in love. One theory states it starts with a spark, them meeting, and fate. Fireworks go off and a passion begins to burn. The bridge you see Lisa on is the connection that has been made between her and the guy she has fallen for. With that connection comes trust and the relationship fully ignites. In the beginning, it's pure happiness but as time goes on, they start feeling neglected. Love still blinds the couple and they can't see clearly. They hold on to the fantasy of love and fate while hiding their negative feelings. Trust begins to fade as the emotions they had suppressed for so long begin to burn the bridges they once built. The scene where Jisoo is sitting in a tub, holding a lit match, is representative of her looking back at the first spark and of how innocent it all seemed, not knowing how dangerous it could be. Rosé hugging the guy with the destructed fate sign shows that her fantasy of fate was destroyed and that time has run out on the relationship. Time continues to move on as will they.

STAY is about the girls finding their place in heaven. Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo are the ones in heaven, with their own sense of paradise. It's a place where they can do what they love—even if it isn't beautiful, or makes much sense—it's a place that makes them happy.

Lisa is the only one not in Heaven. She finds herself at a crossroad, the bridge between life and death. While in the crossroad, she is given a glimpse of her own paradise which is becoming reunited with her friends. Happy that she gets to see her friends and have fun with them again, the time comes where Lisa must choose. In order to be reunited with her friends, Lisa must take a step into the dark to get to the light where her friends are. The alternative is to return to reality where bad things can happen, like the destruction of the planet. She makes the choice best for her to join them in Heaven. Paradise. Without them, it’s not paradise, without them life isn’t worth living.

The third track on BLACKPINK's mini-album, SQUARE TWO, is an acoustic version of their song 휘파람 (Whistle). I love acoustic songs, and Whistle is my favorite song from their first mini-album. I enjoy when an artist takes a fast paced song and slows it down, which is exactly what they did with this song. You can really hear their vocals and how much the girls have worked to get where they are now. I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes next from YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK in the future.