NCT 127's Switch MV - Review

SM Rookies

Whenever an artist from SM Entertainment drops a music video, we know that it will not dissapoint. This time, NCT 127 returns with a music video of Switch, a track from NCT #127: The First Mini Album!

This music video successfully showcased NCT as a fresh, positive, ambitious and powerful boyband. Starting with a rather lengthy preparation for a water gun battle, the camera follows two groups of NCT battling against each other, one in black (Johnny, Hansol, Jaehyun, Mark, Jaemin and Doyoung) and another in colors (Taeyong, Ten, Yuta, Haechan, Taeil and Jeno), presumably being led by Johnny and Taeyong, respectively, walking in front of their group members. Subsequently, this music video perfectly portrayed youth in their most natural manner; fueled with ambition in their eyes during the game "face-off," while still enjoying the game.

As simple and effortless as this video might seem, the music video offer a vast gold mine of personal interpretations; although it might require several rewinds to come up with one. To my personal interpretation, the strong association of youth to NCT highly influences how I perceive this music video. However, the first time both groups revealed themselves, my suspicion rose as the group in black seemingly wore a stern facade, contradictory to the opposing group. Only after repeating the video twice did I learn that Taeyong, the assumed leader of the group in colors, represents our own self. Furthermore, Taeyong's group members represents our dearest ones, people willing to fight the battle of life together. On the other hand, the group in black represents people who will get in our way and mess it up, as black has always been a color associated with danger and evil. Winning, which is the main objective of this water gun battle, is our ambitions in life; the things we want to attain in life. Moreover, one line of Switch, "닿고 싶은 place", which translates to, "The place I want to reach", proves how ambition might be one of the themes in this song and music video. Although Jisung, the youngest of NCT, might not appear as often as the other members on the music video, his role is quite essential to the music video as he starts the game, representing a neutral-stanced person we meet in life that propels our ambitions. An interesting part of Switch, "처음 닿는 거친 걸음마저 기분이 좋아", which roughly translates to, "Just taking the rough first step makes me feel good," is clearly linked to the video through the joy of the members starting off the game and Taeyong pointing his finger to someone, as the stare in his eyes made it look like he has more to say. 

Later in the music video, we can see Jaemin attacked by both Ten and Jeno at the same time. Although attacked, Jaemin's signature cheerful smile still bloomed regardless. The smile tells us how, in life, although there are lots of people who will try to attack something we are fighting for, we will enjoy the journey nonetheless. Another part that caught my attention was when Jaehyun got hit and fell, much to Mark's discontentment, as he tried to revenge against whoever hit Jaehyun. This might serve as a reminder to us that there are people who are fighting the same battle as us; they will try to continue our mission and save us, even if failure is out of their control. Close the end of the music video, we can see a glimpse of another 1 vs 1 game: Taeyong against Johnny, where Taeyong semeed to take Johnny down in no time, and Ten and Taeyong shooting Doyoung down. The remaining trio, Ten, Taeyong and Taeil, can be seen raising several flags as a celebratory move. Taeyong and Johnny's "1-on-1" represents overcoming the greatest obstacle, as both are assumed leaders, and the celebratory move represents surviving the battle of life together and fulfilling ambitions we have always wanted to attain in life. This music video left me with nothing but awe on how perfectly sequence and produced it is.