No Minwoo Quietly Enlists In The Army


Singer/actor No Minwoo has enlisted in the Korean military service earlier this year in October. 

Under the stage name Minue, No Minwoo released his first solo album in Japan entitled Gravity. In a surprising move, No Minwoo’s recently released Japanese album will not be promoted. 

The idol star managed to recapture moments of his rocker beginnings through his latest release. 

During the early 2000’s, No Minwoo was part of the SM Entertainment rock band, the TRAX. Fans might have trouble recognizing the past pictures of the handsome idol, as the TRAX and its members were Korean shoot-offs of the Japanese visual kei movement. 

Since parting ways with the band, No Minwoo resurfaced in the idol industry as an actor, before returning to his singer roots. 

Interestingly, the idol has decided to keep his enlistment low-profile and gave no hint or warning  before entering the army.

No Minwoo’s current management agency, MJ Dreamsys, announced that the singer would be returning to the industry following his mandatory two years of service.

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