The Mannequin Challenge Trend Has Hit The World of KPop

SNSD fan page

The mannequin challenge is all the rave right now both in the US and in Korea. What’s even more fun is seeing our idols play the challenge and make new ways to pose and move. I wonder, do they film these all in one take? Some of them look like one take, while others look like it took more than one take.

Here are my favourite challenges so far.


First Honggi blessed us with his instagram bowling mannequin challenge

Then FTISLAND blessed us with their concert challenge

Viction are having too much fun in theirs

Last on my list is PENTAGON with their teaser version

I’m sure there are more challenge videos to come, but do we have another PPAP on our hands? I think it's safe to say, Girls' Generation started this whole trend. No, I'm kidding, but they were great mannequins in their Gee music video. What do you think of the challenge? I guess the real question is, would do this challenge too?