Topp Dogg Leader P-Goon Demands the Truth from Cho PD

On December 15th, ToppDogg leader P-Goon demanded former agency head Cho PD to reveal the truth about concert revenues and account balances.

P-Goon posted on his Twitter:

“Hello. This is Topp Dogg leader P-Goon. 

I am requesting the truth from our former CEO Cho PD regarding Topp Dogg’s Japan Showcase Tour, which was contracted with Timo Japan, at which 8 performances totaling 300,000,000 KRW were not recorded in any financial accounts.

After reviewing Topp Dogg’s accounts over the last 3 years, we have confirmed that despite concluding the concerts, the revenues were not recorded in the accounts. 

At present, Cho PD is no longer a part of Hunus Entertainment due to his lawsuit with the agency over account disputes. 

We request the truth from Cho PD”

The now-deleted tweet can be seen below: