Year in Review: Top 10 Best Dance Practice Videos of 2016

SM Entertainment

2016 has been the year of comebacks; so many great and amazing comebacks. But do you know what is even better than watching the music videos? Watching their dance practice videos. Here is my list, in order of release date, of my top 10 favorite dance practice videos in 2016!

Feel So Good - B.A.P

B.A.P Started the year off with this fun and funky song. The track itself makes me feel so good. Watching the members goof off really shows how dorky they really are. Even though the practice is more them goofing off, it’s fun to see how much they really get into it.

Get Down - Boys Republic

The music video is pretty dark, but seeing their dance practice makes it look more lively. These boys are so in sync.

Queen - History

I love the song and I love how Yijeong dances his part. This is my favorite song and dance. I break out dancing to this every time.

Back Again - KNK

For a rookie group, KNK has some awesome tracks. They remind of a younger version Infinite.

네게만집작 (Stuck) - MONSTA X

We were all blessed with this song and music video. No one knew that it was filmed while they were in LA for KCON 2016. Even now, I still love this song. Wonho’s dance break is just the crush for every fangirl, and he knows it.

태풍 (The Eye) - Infinite

This is the song that made me fall for Infinite again. The group is known for their sharp dance moves, and here they don’t disappoint. The dance break with Dongwoo, Hoya, and Woohyun really shows who the dancers are of the group.

팡파레 (Fanfare) - SF9

This rookie group grabbed my attention with this song. Their dance sure doesn’t disappoint either. It's clear that they worked hard to put out a good track for us fans.


I love TWICE! This song is fun and cute! An easy song to learn and to perform dance covers. It's even fun to watch other idols to dance to it, because why not. It’s the new aegyo dance. First it was "Shy Shy Shy" and now it's "TT".

Fantasy - VIXX

Even though VIXX has been blessing us throughout the entire year, this song is at the top of my list for them. They are an amazing group in that they choreograph all their own dances. The song itself also gets me right in the feels.

비가오서그래 (Rainy Day) - ToppDogg

I love when you can see in their dance mirror other dance moves, like them falling into the arms of their members. ToppDogg have really opened my heart into slower moving songs.

Bonus Dance Practices!

Now because I couldn’t leave these two out, here are two extra dance practice videos that hold a special ranking:

불타오르네 (FIRE) - BTS

One of the best dances so far today. I couldn’t not mention them. Their choreography is so fast and intense; they have become known for their difficult dance moves. This doesn’t stop others from learning it. The ending with extra dances is so empowering. I'm not going to lie, I went and learned the first minute of the dance.

Monster - EXO

Another group with powerful dance moves. The way Chanyeol jumps over all his members is just awesome! This song made me get back into EXO; with both Sehun and Chanyeol’s rap I was sold.

Did any of these songs fall on your list of top dance practices? If not, which would you recommend?