DAY6 Are Back With Their 3rd EVERYDAY 6 Installment


Every 6th of the month feels like unwrapping a new present; a present filled with bursting and unexpected emotions. Every 6th of the month is also filled with anticipation for what the next month will bring: will it be depressing? Will I relate to it? This month, DAY6 returns with 2 singles that will make you drop everything and sing along in no time!

How Can I Say (어떻게 말해)

The first time I listened to this song, I thought it's going to be your usual DAY6 favorite song: it's already over, I'm letting go or I'm waiting. However, when I started looking up the lyrics, I was shocked at how the meaning of this song is different from what people have been perceiving DAY6 as. Criticisms have been thrown to DAY6 for being too "dependant" in terms of lyrics. For instance, Letting Go talks about letting go of one's aspired future for a beloved one and You Were Beautiful talks about memories that are already over. Although these songs are extremely relatable, can an artist keep up with the industry's dynamics if their songs revolve around the same theme? This month, How Can I Say proved the contrary. This song does not talk about the hardships of letting past memories go, but the hardships of telling the truth that the feeling of love has faded away. It does not necessarily mean that DAY6 changed their style from the caring boyfriend type to the ignorant one, in fact, a part of this song mentions something along the lines of, "I can't tell you that I no longer love you". Instead, this proves that DAY6, in terms of lyrics, still has its own characteristic despite the situation present.

After the fifth time listening to this song, something different ran across my mind. For the times I have been writing about DAY6, I have been talking about how consistent DAY6 have been with their personal engagement to their songs. People sing to DAY6 religiously because of the empathy it develops and it is slightly impossible to be this relatable if experiences shown in the songs are based on imagination and fiction. In fact, that has not changed. Positive comments have been sent DAY6's way for how relatable this song is. However, this song got me thinking about the person who wrote the lyrics. The fact that this song started with a cry of, "I hate myself" proves that something must have cut deep on the person. It's not as easy as saying, "I love you" in such emotional songs. Even if the truth behind all these lyrics can be said only by the lyricist and composer, all I can say is, cheer up, DAY6!

I Would (그럴 텐데)

This is a song I can spend hours listening to on repeat. In fact, I have been doing so the past few days and never once did I get bored of it. What caught my attention the first time I listened to this song was how it started out giving off this Roy Kim's Home folk-ish vibe before transitioning to being extremely emotional, which serves as an excellent hook for the audience. The lyrics are, arguably, versatile for situations that do not involve romantic love. This song can bring back our memories of past regrets, heartbreaks, and even friendships where loose ends have never been tied. Instead of bringing back sadness to the audience, this song in structured so that the audience will want to reconcile with their problems. Talking about regrets and failing to express gratitude, this song is probably the most relatable DAY6 can come up with up to this point!