DAY6 Continues to Impress Fans with February Release


Whenever I listen to DAY6's new releases, I feel like anything DAY6-related that I have been writing about is nothing but praises of how perfectly orchestrated the group's music is. This release is no exception. Through this month's release, DAY6 showcases an balance between keeping their style and experimenting new themes, maintaining the current perception that they never will disappoint.

You Were Beautiful (예뻤어) 

Before I listened to this song, I could sense from the title that this song will offer a different side of DAY6. Isolating the song's meaning out from the music, this song adheres to the infamous "DAY6 formula" of music: a catchy few seconds of intro, starting off slow and ballad-like while constantly building on to anticipate the blast of emotion on the refrain of the song, before finally ending in a soothing manner. Such formula, at least in my opinion, is a gamble between boring out the audience or getting the audience to religiously chant the refrain of every song produced with this formula. In DAY6's case, it has always been the latter. DAY6 successfully used the "formula" not to produce the same "catchy" impact from time to time, but to adopt the formula as their style; something people will associate with as they hear the name, DAY6. This is something more musicians should learn from the group, as having something that sounds like a profitable "formula" does not mean getting positive responses from the audience. There have been numerous cases where musicians apply their "formula" yet ending up garnering responses different from their expectation. The audience is constantly looking for a style yet something new to it, which is part of why everything coming out from DAY6 sounds perfect.

Part of the reason why this song did not render the audience bored is the mature shift of the lyrics. DAY6, through Letting Go, I Wait, and Goodbye Winter, has always been putting forward this notion of "should I let go or should I wait?" In my opinion, another song with this theme will definitely lose the audience's interest no matter how much personal engagement the vocals and rappers of DAY6 are offering. However, DAY6 shifted the meaning of this song and it seems like they learned how to let go and keep all the memories of the past, through the cries of, "Baby I know it's already over," and repeated mentions of thinking about an ex-girlfriend's beauty, even when everything has passed. The question is, did DAY6 play their ace card in this release through the shift of the meaning? Is everything going to go downhill after this or will DAY6 continue to innovate in different ways? Through the years, it has always been the latter.

My Day

This song has contextual relations to You Were Beautiful and even tracks from the January's release. If the tracks from DAY6 talked about contemplating about waiting for someone from the past or letting go, You Were Beautiful picked a stance of keeping everything in the past, but taking a look back once in awhile. The story did not end there, My Day talked about the singer's attraction to someone, up to a point where the singer's day had been filled up by the thoughts of this one person. It seems like DAY6 has moved on from the burden of letting go and is ready to start a new relationship without glancing back to the past. When I came across such detail, I was utterly stunned and speechless. DAY6's strong point is personal engagement and this contextual relation seems to be a part of their engagement, as relationship dynamics are relatable to everyone.