DAY6 Gifts Fans With Monthly New Music

JYP Entertainment

Ever since DAY6 debuted with their mini-album, The Day, and their subsequent mini-album, DAYDREAM, the group's music is proven to be a hook that keeps the audience coming back for more. Due to the their unique concept of being more oriented to the rock live band performance compared to your conventional pop boyband style, DAY6 wins a special place under the radar of Korean music enthusiasts. This year, DAY6 returns with more releases through monthly comebacks with Every DAY6, releasing new music every 6th of every month. It is expected that through these monthly comebacks, DAY6 will gain more publicity. On January's version of Every DAY6, DAY6 showcased their talents through two of their fresh singles: I Wait (아 왜) and Goodbye Winter (겨울이 간다).

I Wait (아 왜)

Rock isn't usually a genre I can easily enjoy. However, I find that one of DAY6's outstanding point is that they can create a perfect balance between keeping their signature rock genre and appealing to the audience's music style. Giving off an anime-like vibe during the intro, this song did not immediately start off with the traditional heavy rock association of intstrumentals for an intro. Instead, it provides a smooth, undistinguishable transitional flow between what sounds like a ballad at first and gradually prepares itself for the chorus, where group chants and heavy background music jumps in. Give this song a try, and at the end of the day, you will definitely find yourself humming to the chorus! It seems like I'm not the only one who is mesmerized with this single. In fact, Billboard's World Digital Song Ssales chart reported that DAY6's I Wait ranked as third best-selling KPop song on the week it was released.

Goodbye Winter (겨울이 간다)

Whenever DAY6 releases a song, it's with the theme of heartbreak. This song will definitely be a perfect accompanion when going through a rough time. Looking back during the days when Letting Go garnered a lot of positive responses, this single gave off the exact same vibe, yet prevented itself from sounding boring. What made both Letting Go and Goodbye Winter equally as addictive is mainly because of how heartwarming and catchy the melody are. DAY6 never fails to showcase how passionate they are about this song, as some of DAY6 members are directly involved in its production. Not until the artist has an intimate relationship with their song can ballads with deep lyrics cater the audience's interest. It is DAY6's signature style of heartbreak songs that makes their music so addicting.