DAY6 Not Fooling Around With EVERYDAY6 April Release


"Every DAY 6, DAY6 releases two singles. Every DAY 6, too, I fall in love with DAY6's music", I thought to myself. When I first read that DAY6 would release two singles every 6th of the month, I immediately thought of April. What would the public think of DAY6 by April? Would people that usually shower DAY6 with positive comments, such as, "Does DAY6 ever release a bad song?" stick with it? On the other hand, would they stick with their heartbreak theme? Would they follow the path of previous months? Do not get me wrong, I asked these questions not because I did not trust DAY6 for producing awesome tracks, but because the commitment of coming up with two tracks every month is already challenging even just to imagine. Instead, DAY6 proved to me that they did not lose inspiration by April. Beyond that, they showcased a new side of them through Every DAY6 April.

I'm Serious (장난  아닌데)

Without even realizing, I have been keeping this song on repeat for at least two hours since the first time I started listening to this song. If you ask me, I'm Serious is THAT good. This song is that good to keep me, a person who gets easily bored when it comes to new song, playing it continuously for two hours. After being immersed in the song, I suddenly laughed at myself. When the teaser pictures dropped a few days ago, I was confused at the title, I'm Serious, which has a connotation of authority. But then, Jae's teaser picture featured him on a colorful outfit holding a guitar in front of a colorful background. The song completely suits the colorful concept. Again, DAY6 will never disappoint, right?

Aside from their contrasting use of the word "serious" compared to the conventional connotations, the upbeat track just made this my favorite title track out of all the released Every DAY6 editions up until now. Giving off this rock, yet somehow pop-jazzy feel, DAY6 added a new music style to the long list of music styles they have tried. As they tried out some sort of folk with I Would, last month, I am highly anticipating the new style will they take on next month. I bet you that by the third repeat, Young K's "Why don't you feel it," and "I can't stop loving you," will play on repeat inside your brain and you will find yourself jamming to it.

Check out the music video too! It is so satisfying to see the boys having lots of fun! I honestly hope that they can keep up with their youthful vibes while still keeping their music versatile enough for all age ranges, genders, and situations.

Say Wow

April's version of Every DAY6 made me, "Say 'Wow'". I remember with Every DAY6 February, it was somehow shocking that My Day, an upbeat song, followed You Were Beautiful, a rather gloomy track of DAY6's signature. This month, it seems to me like they are sticking with the cheerful vibe of meeting a girl of their dreams yet somehow confused at the first move to make. Aren't these types of songs the cutest? However, there are some contrasts between this track and its title track. Where I'm Serious emphasizes trying on a different music style, DAY6 sticks with their youthful rock vibes through Say Wow. If the tracks reflect the artists' inner feelings, which is one of the many reasons why I have been religiously chanting to DAY6's music, I can only hope that DAY6 will release more of such music in the future.