KPop March (Comeback) Madness

KPop Map

We’re back for another look at all the upcoming Kpop comebacks for March. After a bustling and crowded February, March is looking to be just as busy. Let’s see if these releases will break records like the recent releases from both BTS and TWICE.


After releasing one of my favorite (yet underrated) singles of the year, Pray (I’ll Be Your Man), BTOB is back with Feele’M. So far, the style is less dystopian and more tweed. I’m a new fan of this group, so I’m not sure if this is new territory for them but I do find that they look rather dapper in the teaser pics that have been released by Cube Entertainment. Feele’M is described as an upbeat dance track which is perfect as we transition from the cold of winter to sunnier days.


Continuing their Flight Log themed concept, JYP Entertainment’s super group GOT7 is back! At their recent fan meeting, they surprised fans with a pre-trailer for Flight Log: Arrival which follows FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE and FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE. While I was not a fan of Hard Carry, I have a lot of faith in both GOT7 and JYPE to deliver bops.


Officially known as Voice to New World, Victon made their debut with the 90’s influenced I’m Fine. The single is a continuation of KPop’s exploration of late 80’s/early 90’s r&b and hip-hop with a colorful KPop twist. These boys are pleasant to listen to and will likely continue to pick up steam as they continue to grow and learn as a new group. I’m excited to listen to their comeback single Eyez Eyez.

Brave Girls

Created by super producer, Brave Brothers, Brave Girls has been very inconsistent with comebacks and members. I can’t name a single member and while I recall liking their older songs, they haven’t been very memorable. Hopefully that changes with their comeback single, Rollin’. They’ve released a comeback schedule and have stated that this will be a comeback with 5 members. I hope this comeback is a good one.



GFriend continue to display their vocal and dance talents, positioning themselves as one of the top 3rd generation idol groups. This comeback has me very excited as the teaser for Fingertip shows the girls with guns and in military gear and the teaser video sounds like the soundtrack to an amazing anime. To say that this is one of my most anticipated released next year would be an understatement. They’ve come a long way from the soft, feminine concept of their debut single.


After releasing the mature mini Noir and the gritty, gangster title SKYDIVE, the six-member grorup BAP is back with a new song. Titled Wake Me Up, this comeback will feature the return of Bang Yong-guk who was on a break from the group to deal with an anxiety disorder. So far, we haven’t had much information regarding this comeback outside of teaser photos but Noir was exceptional, so this should be as well.


Ailee has had a great year so far with her OST single for the hit drama Goblin, heating up the charts. While it appears that her American debut is on hold, we’re lucky to have a Korean comeback with a music video starring Ailee! With a powerhouse voice and endless charisma, Ailee continues to show why she’s one of the female soloist to be reckon with.

Unconfirmed comebacks



Lee Min Ho

I was first introduced to Lee Min Ho through my first Korean Drama, Boys Over Flowers, and while I haven’t watched him in anything since, Lee Min Ho has always been a name I respected in the Korean entertainment scene. What I did not know was that he was also a singer! He has commented that his singing is for his fans and that he has no desire to pursue a singing career, so I doubt he’ll be promoting this comeback. I am curious as to what he’ll bring to the table, so to speak, and how well he charts.

Winner and iKon

It looks like we’re in for a comeback from both of YG Entertainment’s junior groups now that we’ve said goodbye to T.O.P. This will be WINNER's first comeback since the removal of Nam Tahyun while iKONhave been busy in Japan. Last year saw the collaboration of Bobby and Mino that resulted in music that was a mixed bag for me and I’m glad to see them back with their respective groups. We don’t know when these comebacks will happen but at least we know to expect them.


All of my favourite members are gone but I do believe that NINE MUSES have it in them to hit it big. They’re hot, talented and they make amazing music. The one thing that has always eluded them was public recognition and a win on a music show but their sub-unit 9Muses-A came close to a music show win with Lip 2 Lip so all is not lost. As more and more girl groups debut, Nine Muses risk being pushed out by a younger crowd so their next comeback should be strong, fierce, and catchy if they want to show that they still have what it takes. 9Muses fighting!