More Than An Idol For Me: Bang Yongguk

TS Entertainment

January 27, 2017 marks the 5th anniversary of the idol group B.A.P; 5 years of amazing music, laughs, tears, and reminded compassion from the boys to their BABYs. As a fan that's been following them from their pre-debut days to the idols they are today, it never fails to bring me over the moon to see how far the boys had come. Bringing us music that tackles the controversial topic of oppression, personal strife and falling in love, B.A.P never shied away from exploring the wide spectrum of genres. 

Still, despite this, things have been a little empty for this BABY during this miletstone.

You see, my ultimate bias happens to be none other than B.A.P’s leader, Bang Yongguk. I can’t remember, however, when my heart had started to accept him as something a little more than an idol that makes music; but I do remember the impact that he has had on it.

As many may know, back in October 2016 TS Entertainment announced on the groups' Facebook page that Yongguk will be taking some time off to recover from anxiety disorder. 

Though I had been saddened by the news and this was overwhelming for the fans, that didn't stop them (and even those from outside of the fandom) from showing support for Yongguk; ultimately trending #GetWellSoonYongguk all over Facebook and Twitter. 

Through this wide support, many were reminded just who Bang Yongguk is: 

Yongguk is a music producer; he's had experience in writing his own music in the past. From Badman single to their first full length album "First Sensibility" all were songs he had produced himself. Though B.A.P isn't the only group he's lend his production skills for, because Yongguk helped produce VIXX's title track Love Me Do under the name Andrew Baag.

He's also a philanthropist. Yongguk, taught by his grandfather, does his best to show any support for those in need, especially children. Showing his support for groups such as World Vision, UNICEF, and Save the Children. He even received a letter from his sponsor child, Mim!


The leader is also a strong advocate for world peace, encouraging his fans to "Make Love, Not War" even through B.A.P's concerts, showing their support from 2014 where each member represented what the Earth needed. The group continued to spread the word in their Live On Earth 2016 tour which I attended back in April 17, 2016 where there was a segment of the show that reminded us that there were wars on-going in the world and despite it, we as a humans should find ways to make the world a peaceful place.

But if there's anything to remember about Bang Yongguk, it's that he's ultimately a leader, watching over his younger bandmates to ensure that they are taken care of. 

Back in November of 2015, B.A.P had filed a lawsuit TS Entertainment in regards to their contract. But, a year after, they had returned to the company stating that they had spoken to TS to resolve their private issues. The members stating that they thankful for Yongguk's guidance and support through the difficult period. 

With these in mind, even with the heavy pain that comes with knowing that he might be burdened somehow; it makes my heart swell with appreciation when I'm reminded how strong Yongguk is and how the rest of B.A.P and the fans know this. With a promise Yongguk tweets out: 

He's shown us through music that hard work, consistency, passion and love are life's necessity. Things may not be ideal for us right now, but we have to keep the faith and send our support to Yongguk and B.A.P.

Just recently TS entertainment had announced the return of Yongguk through his teaser photo for their upcoming album which is going to be a continuation of Nior, which is Rose. Through the announcement, fans have shown their support through tweets and heartfelt messages towards the boys, especially Yongguk who had gone on hiatus.

Is everyone ready? Because the kings are back!

Happy 5th anniversary to B.A.P and BABYs! And more importantly, welcome back Bang Yongguk!