Niel Shows His Growth With Second Album, 'Love Affair'


January 14th, Niel of Teen Top has reappeared on the KPop charts with a new album and a mature single, Don’t Make Me Cry, from the album Love Affair.  This is his second solo album and it is not a teenage, one-sided saga of lost, youthful love. It is not the sweet beginning of love. Don’t Make Me Cry is a deep, soulful conclusion to a passionate LOVE AFFAIR.

The first single from his previous solo mini album, Love Killer, spoke of the end of love, but this new single and music video far exceed it. Love Killer was a pop-inspired song sung by most young idols, who only know what they imagine about love and heartbreak. Don’t Make Me Cry gives us a view of the moment love is lost, and the moment your heart breaks, and tears flow down your cheek. 

Niel demonstrates the passion he and his lover shared.  From the onset of the music video, Niel's smooth, sexy moves enticed us.  From the body waves to the shots of his kissable lips, we get a glimpse of the physical love they shared.  The melody, with R&B overtones that is similar to early Teen Top songs, shapes Niel’s sensual movements.  They are perfect for the feeling being expressed in the video. Who doesn’t want a man to drop to their knees and beg you not to leave?

The rap solo by Giant Pink, from Unpretty Rapper, is a good contrast to Niel’s vocals.  She has a very husky, sultry sound.  He does a good job with blending his sound with his featured rappers.  Giant Pink’s rap could have been longer and she should have had a larger role in the music video; it wasn’t really clear what her purpose was in the music video.

Overall, this was a wonderful follow-up. Niel showed another level of maturity with this song. This is the type of talent and skill that we expect from him. He delivers an overabundance of sexy glares that would make Eric of Shinhwa proud.  Other idols would do well to take note of Niel’s pelvic movements, it might lead to a new Hallyu wave being thrust upon the international world. Niel has outdone himself with this song and music video. I can’t wait for the upcoming Teen Top album if this is an example of the future.