Turbulence in Houston: Finally, A Flight in Our Area


The moment it was announced that GOT7 was going to be having a fan meeting in Houston, a transformation took place: Changing a very mature and professional career woman into the teenage version of herself. Dancing and singing around the house was the order of the day, accompanied by high pitched squeals of glee. While everyone else in America was preparing to come to Houston for the Super Bowl, IGOT7s would be anticipating their idol “boyfriends,” and they did not disappoint. When GOT7 arrived in Houston, Texas, the Lone Star State welcomed them with true southern hospitality.

The night of the fan meeting was surreal. As I was driving up to the venue in Downtown Houston, crowds of KPop fans could be seen lining up and waiting to enter. The crowd consisted more than just a teenage swarm of excitement. Parents and other mature fans could also be seen in line. People were singing, dancing, and moving around trying to control their anxious nerves. As I walked up to the venue, the reality of what was about to happen drove my heart rate up.

This venue was wisely chosen; it provided an intimate feel to the fan meeting and even from the furthest seats, a good view of the stage was had by all who attended. During the beginning of the fan meeting, I was situated right in front the stage, in front of the barricade that separated the top ticket holders from the stage. Only greeting the group would have topped this moment.

As we waited for the fan meeting to start, I spoke to some of the fans in attendance. Originally, the plan was to talk about how great it was to have a KPop group come to Houston, but most of the fans in attendance were not from Texas. The first group of fans I spoke with came from L.A. They said, “We couldn’t get tickets this great in L.A., so we bought them for Houston and flew.” I was amazed by their dedication and the effort they went through to see GOT7.

Approaching the next group of nervous fans, I asked the question, “How would you feel if your parents came with you tonight?” One of the girls said, “As long as they are sitting in the back, it’s OK.” They seemed to be searching for the right adjectives to describe their feelings about seeing GOT7. When asked which one of these gorgeous men they came to see, they finally said in unison, “All of them.”

As the fan meeting was about to start, the audience danced and chanted until the men of the hour came on the stage. Their entrance began with an introduction video that showed our men in all their pictorial glory. Then, the lights went down and they walked on the stage and took their seats. The spotlight brightened the stage, and the first real-life idol I saw was Jackson. The members took turns and sang Let Me, from the FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE album. They were all in the moment and that alone captivated the audience. The sincerity in what they were doing was written on their faces as they serenaded all the IGOT7s in the crowd. I’m sure that all the fans were waiting for the moment when one of the members would open their eyes and make eye contact with them. The next song was Prove It and it was just as touching as the first song. We could feel the meaning of the lyrics as they sang, proving their feelings for us. We followed every step as the vocals of each member expressed love to every fan. It is an amazing feeling to have the sound wash over you with hope.

After the second song, GOT7 walked off stage and the MC Danny Lim introduced them, one-by-one, to a crowd of screaming and cheering fans. This signaled the beginning of the question and answer portion of the fan meeting. Each member was asked to choose a question from the board to read. Jackson was the first to read his question and he did not disappoint. The question he chose was for Mark. He played the crowd and earned his title of a true showman. He asked why Mark was so hot, and Mark just smiled that bashful boy next door smile that had every woman in the room smiling back at him. Jackson's level of fan service had fans losing their minds. His chemistry with his fellow members like Mark and Jinyoung had fans screaming and cheering in excitement. The rest of the members also had the opportunity to answer their own set of questions, which ranged from the basic ideal type question to BamBam dancing to miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl.

After the Q&A, I was escorted to another area where I got to enjoy the rest of the fan meeting. GOT7 participated in a random dance challenge where the older members were competing against the younger members. This was a dynamic show of greatness as the songs changed, sped up and slowed down. Jinyoung was the star of the game.

The fan meeting ended with a goodbye, an encore, and a final goodbye for those of us who did not have VIP access. The fan meeting was a once in a lifetime experience. If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t change a moment because every little thing made it so memorable. These types of events help make KPop fans’ fantasies come true by bringing our favorite entertainers to our homes and letting them be a part of our lives for a small minuscule moment. I hope they take these moments with their international fans and look back on them fondly as they progress. This is just another way to enjoy the lives we have been given.


A special thank you to the team at SubKulture Entertainment for providing The Music Mind with the opportunity to cover and recap the event!