Welcoming the New Year with New Comebacks!


It’s 2017 and KPop is ready to start the year off with some awesome comebacks. January is known for being cold and barren but musically, there’s so much to look forward to. We have first generation idols, nugu debuts, and solo debuts from established idols to keep any KPop enthusiast busy. Here are some of the best comebacks to be excited for.


UNCHANGING PART1 was a solid start to their comeback but for many fans, it wasn’t the comeback we knew to expect from them, considering the many ways that Shinhwa has re-invented themselves throughout their career. Orange was a cute and fun gift to the fans. TOUCH, their new single, appears to be sexy, classy and mature. I can’t wait to see their debut performance at the year end show!


Bada, Eugene, and Shoo are BACK and they are serving those 90’s vocals quite nicely. I’ve never truly been a fan of SES in the past but I feel a great sense of respect for first generation idols that are still able to persevere and desire to be competitive in an industry so obsessed with youth. They look great, they sound great, I’m excited to see what they bring to music scene.


AOA is coming back with the sexy bodies and moves that we've come expect from them. While I do feel that they peaked with 사뿐사뿐(Like A Cat) I have enjoyed both 심쿵해 (Heart Attack) and Good Luck. It does seem that they’ve truly found their form and with a collaboration with Brave Brothers, their double releases, Excuse Me and Bing Bing, should be catchy. This will be their first full album and it comes after what seems to be the end of their band concept. It’s a shame as Moya was beloved but this is what the people want so it makes sense that FNC will continue with their idol concept.


We haven’t seen Rania since their confusing 2015 comeback Demonstrate. I say confusing because Alex was not officially a part of the comeback, so many fans were confused about the state of the group. We now know that she’s an official member and the current leader but we’ve also been hit with news of more member changes. They’re also going by BP RaNia for their comeback single Start A Fire and that the BP stands for Black Pearl. The teaser sounds great and they look fantastic so I’ll be cheering for RaNia to finally shine.

Lee Hyori

The Queen is coming back! Lee Hyori is back after 2013’s Monochrome and KPop has sincerely missed her. I hope her comeback is more along the lines of Hey Mr. Big and U-Go-Girl because she truly shines with her signature R&B/Pop sound but my favorite thing about her is that she’s willing to experiment. While there has been no exact date for this comeback, there are enough hints and rumors that it will happen sooner, rather than later. Can’t wait!

Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician's musical color is so different from what we expect to hear in KPop and I hope they continue to follow it. I enjoyed RE-BYE and How People Move, so I expect delightful vocals, colourful music videos, and a diverse sound. It’s good to know that talent truly does come out on top when it comes to reality music competitions.


It may be due to the constant covers we’ve gotten from DAY6  but I am quite surprised that they haven’t had a comeback since last March. While band concepts in KPop don’t always work, DAY6 is a group that genuinely wants to control all aspects of their sound and you feel that in the delivery of their work. I enjoy them and hope for more success in the future.


It’s been a long time since Rain graced us with a comeback, so it’s about time he makes music again. Rain reminds me of western artists like Usher and Justin Timberlake due to his artistry. I do hope that he continues to make music that you can dance to. I’m ready for his return!


Generally, I take some time to talk about comeback rumours without much merit but I thought it would be better to mention some of the debuts we have coming this month. Suzy from miss A should be debuting her solo work and it’s fair to say that this is all we’ll be getting from her music-wise in the future as miss A will most likely never come back as a group. While I appreciated her writing credits on their last album, I’m not sure what to expect from a solo Suzy. I like Suzy's voice so I expect great things for her music future. Dream Catcher is a re-debut of the 2014 group Minx from Happy Face Entertainment. Minx’s debut fell more in line with a hip-hop concept, while Dream Catcher looks to be a more feminine group concept. Varsity is a 12-member group debuting from Global K Center in conjunction with a company that produces popular Chinese variety shows. What’s striking about this group is that the members all claim to speak a multitude of languages including English, French and Arabic. KPop's attempts to become more global have not always worked out for the best, so I'll wait to see what type of image they've selected. Ravi from VIXX is also debuting as a solo artist. VIXX has been hit or miss for me in the past but the members are very talented so I expect quality music with this debut.

Are you excited for a new year of KPop? Don't forget to share your thoughts on all comebacks and debuts for January!